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Now you can improve your speed, agility and quickness to excel in any competitive sport. Xtreme Athletics Training Program brings high powered credentials and professional instruction to every athlete’s performance.

After an evaluation to determine the areas that need improvement, each athlete has a training program developed and tailored especially for him or her. Xtreme Athletics stresses the most important skills for every successful athlete: speed, agility, quickness and strength. They are then given the instruction needed to guide them to excellence in the sport of their choice!

Xtreme training includes:

Flexibility Training, Foot Quickness, Acceleration, Direction Change, Reactivity, Maximum Speed, Start Mechanics, Sports Nutrition, Strength Training, & Video.

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We hold year around group programs for youth, high school, college and pro athletes of all sports and all levels. Our group programs are designed and implemented by our xtreme athletic trainers. We ensure a top notch challenging program that will motivate and help achieve all our clients athletics goals .